Want to know why Clear Choice Cleaners is one of the top three rated companies in Abbotsford BC?

This past year, we are working towards reaching our goal that consumers know when they have a need for service in their home or place of business for carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning or furnace and air duct cleaning we provide the very best service to our clients using the very best equipment to complete every job and every task professionally and properly .

There are so many different types of homes that require our service:

Split level houses are very common and are always a pleasure to work in for duct cleaning.

Some homes are much more challenging, ranchers have crawl spaces where we require to get at the plenums to properly clean the furnace ducting. It is a difficult task and very challenging at times to get to. Having said that, it’s what is required and has to be done, having an experienced technician.

We always have the best interest in mind of our clients is always top priority. All the Services we offer take years of training to master.

Being an owner and operator has built a growing costumer base that gets bigger every year and has earned the respect and continued business of so many residential home owners and businesses that are in need of our services.

Every consumer looks for a reason to hire a company to provide them with the best service. How do you know from just a conversation on the phone or a quick email to set up a appointment for service?

The key to having confidence that you have the right company to provide you with quality workmanship comes from researching and reading up reviews. What other people are saying about the company is a great way to find more information and have confidence to hire a company.

Also, the best way that is one persons experience was so good all expectations were met and they are talking to friends and family about how happy they were to have there service provided by Clear Choice Cleaners.

Word of mouth travels very quickly, it’s incredibly beneficial to have a reputation in this industry. Social media is a great way to find out more about a service such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furnace and air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning.

When you pull into a homeowners drive way with a clean and shiny van, loaded with state of the art truck mounted equipment and present your self probably and professionally it really shows that you are there to provide a service that they will not forget and have their neighbors talking about Clear Choice Cleaners.

When the difference between the carpet is dirty and clean, so many people have said they thought they had to replace their carpets but couldn’t afford it. After they were cleaned, they looked new again and were happy they had the service done. Carpet cleaning is almost a night and day difference every time it’s one of those jobs that truly speaks for itself and gets consumers talking.

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